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Gas Powered Engine


When in the market for an engine, be it marine, automotive, or industrial, you have several requirements that must be met. No one wants to design an engine package, install the engine, and mutter, “I thought it had more power,” or “I hope this lasts awhile.” By purchasing a Vortec engine, you can be assured that your engine will deliver the horsepower you need, keep your fuel costs and maintenance costs low, and continue to provide you with all the quality features you expect for years to come. This is precisely what Vortec stands for: a life-time of superior service.

Vortec engines are a result of an engineering marvel that creates a vortex within the combustion chamber of an engine. This allows engines to attain a better air-to-fuel mixture during the combustion process; thus, Vortec engines can produce a higher horsepower without compromising on fuel consumption. More power, less fuel use, and greater durability have brought the Vortec line of engines into the spotlight, making Vortec engines the premier line for GM Powertrain. Buck's Engines understands the value of your dollar, and are pleased to offer a large variety of Vortec engines to match your large range of applications.

GM engineering is infinitely improving the engines Buck’s offers. When you need both power and efficiency, and for the engine that provides these qualities to survive demanding applications for years to come, look to Vortec engines. Vortec industrial engines demonstrate enhancements in:

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The performance of a Vortec engine will put your mind at ease, with the reputation of GM Powertrain and Buck's Engines supporting your purchase.

Buck's Engines Superior Customer Service
Although we have grown into a global powerhouse in the last sixty years, Buck’s has never forgotten the roots of our operation. We approach every customer’s needs with a fresh perspective and the experience from years of being an industrial engine supplier. Internationally, customers learn about us and appreciate our dedicated staff. Delivering quality service is just as important as delivering quality products. Contact us today to see how we have grown into an internationally recognized industrial engine supplier!