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In addition to their already successful line up, GM Powertrain has included the 3.0L Vortec industrial engine. With the power and durability standard in GM Vortec engines, the 3.0L engine is yet another compliment to this global manufacturer of engines. Aiding in the design and development of industrial engines from the proven offerings of the truck and SUV divisions, GM Powertrain is confident industrial engine customers will be satisfied with the quality and performance of the GM Powertrain Vortec 3.0L engine.

Buck's Engines is pleased to offer the Vortec 3.0 Liter GM Powertrain engine. With a world-class engine sealing system for superior leak protection, even in extreme conditions, the 3.0L engine serves its users in a variety of applications. The 3.0 Liter engine operates in numerous re-power and custom applications, as well as in oil and gas production, generators, irrigation and pump and compressors applications.

GM Powertrain's 3.0L engine features:

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The 3.0L engine's design and features provide it with increased durability, heightened strength, and reduced noise. Each standard feature is matched with optional factory installed options, like exhaust, electronic governors, and radiator and heat exchanger cooling systems.

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For over half a century, Buck's Engines has been providing customers with industrial engines for many applications. With a commitment to quality, Buck's has satisfied customers that span the continent and globe. Buck's Engines customers have grown to expect solutions from Buck's for all of their industrial engine needs; at Buck's, we have a skilled team of professionals to offer individual attention to each customer. Find out more about us and our product line, or contact us to discuss your next engine purchase. Buck's has an engine ready to work for you!