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Porpane Generator


Backup Generators
When your work is too important to be delayed or lost in a power outage, rely on an engine from Buck's Engines to power your propane generator. Propane generators are as easy to fuel as your backyard barbeque grill; you will find that propane can serve you in power generation for more than just your grill! A propane powered generator can power a reasonable sized office or a home for a week or more, at a fraction of the cost you would expect!

Propane generators, operating from a cleaner-burning fossil fuel than other generators, can attain and maintain normal electrical power demands for numerous appliances. In an environment-conscious era, using propane to supply your backup generator can be an easy and cost-effective decision that is also earth-friendly.

As propane fuel will store for a longer time than other fuels, propane generators are popular for customers with either critical operations or in remote areas where continuous electricity is a must. Depending upon your requirements, you may be able to run your propane generator off of propane cylinders distributed locally!

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Let there be light...
Buck's Engines, now a global engine powerhouse, remembers accurately its humble start more than half a century ago. This crucial element keeps us tied to our customers on an individual level, assisting each with the selection of an industrial engine. Our skilled and trained expert's can shed light into which engine is best tailored for your needs. We offer engines of the highest quality for each application and can suggest which will work best in your propane powered generator. Contact us today to learn more about avoiding blackouts with a propane powered industrial engine for your generator. Buck's has an engine ready to work for you!