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Porpane Engine

Home> The advantages of propane are hard to beat. It is a safe, reliable, clean burning fuel, and a great value. Your propane engine will deliver the benefits that millions worldwide have discovered using propane. At Buck's Engines, we will customize the propane engine that is right for you. Finding the perfect propane engine means that we understand your engine needs as well as you do. With over fifty years experience of delivering custom made propane engines, Buck's has the experience and expertise to serve you. With engine partner GM, we offer over 7 engines, ranging from 30 to 170 horsepower. With this selection of engine size, and multiple factory installed options, you can be sure to find the propane engine that is suited for your unique requirements. Contact Us today to begin putting together the propane engine that fits your needs.
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Because propane works when and where other energy sources don't, you can depend on your propane engine. It has also been long recognized as a "green" energy fuel. With environmental concerns on the rise, you can be sure that your propane engine produces fewer emissions, while still performing with the power and reliability you expect. Finally, your propane engine is an economical choice: propane works harder and costs less than many other fuels. With your propane engine, you pay less for your energy, and save every time you use it.

At Buck's Engines, you, the customer, are our number one priority. For over fifty years, we have been dedicated to delivering the best propane engines all over the world. Our strong partnership with the leader in the industry, GM Powertrain, create effective solutions you can depend on for your propane engine needs. Our engines are guaranteed to perform through some of the toughest environments: wind, rain, snow, heat, and cold, worldwide. We carry a huge selection of parts and accessories to ensure you get the propane engine you want, when you want it. Contact Us today to speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives.

At Buck's Engines, we have a propane engine that is ready to work for you!