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Natural Gas Engine

Home> In response to rising concerns on the price and supply of oil, natural gas has become a cleaner burning, more economical choice for fuel. Of the three fossil fuels; oil, gas, and coal, natural gas is also the most versatile in its uses. When you use a natural gas engine, you can be sure you will get the power you need, while knowing that natural gas, when burned, produces much less carbon dioxide than other fuel sources. At Buck's Engines, we have the perfect natural gas engine for your applications, including compression, oil and gas pumps, irrigation , and power generation. Buck's Engines is a General Motors Original Equipment Manufacturer, building GM Powertrain Natural Gas engines ready to work for you.
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With over 7 natural gas engine models in stock, in partnerships with General Motors, Buck's has a natural gas engine that is perfect for you. Industrial engines have surpassed car and truck engines in the use of natural gas. While these fuels present unique requirements in their use, every one of our natural gas engines is specifically designed to meet these challenges, to ensure a long-lasting, efficient engine life. Additionally, Buck's stocks a large supply of parts and accessories so you can put your engine back to work, fast.

With customers all over the world, Buck's Engines is proud to be the name in natural gas engines. Our reputation as a reliable, versatile solution to all of your natural gas engine needs is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We guarantee our products and our work. When you are searching for the right natural gas engine, you want to find a product that is powerful, efficient, and reliable, at an affordable price. At Buck's Engines, we have the experience and expertise to make your natural gas engine to your specifications. Contact Us today to begin customizing one of our natural gas engines to your requirements.

At Buck's Engines, we have a natural gas engine ready to work for you!