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LPG Engine

Home> LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas, is an excellent choice of fuel for your engine. Because it decreases exhaust emissions, LPG is widely considered a "green" fuel. Owning an LPG engine is also an economical choice, as LPG is often less than half the price of petrol or gasoline, and 40% less than diesel. Whatever your reasons for choosing an LPG engine, a few things are certain: you need an LPG engine that is reliable, powerful, and efficient. At Buck's Engines, we can help you find the LPG engine that is perfect for your power needs. With our partner General Motors, we offer over 7 LPG engine models with customized LPG fuel options and many factory installed options. Additionally, our engine sizes range from 30 to 170 horsepower, so you are sure to find the LPG engine that works for YOU!
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As an Original Equipment Manufacturer of GM, Buck's Engines offers a variety of LPG engines for your applications. The industrial engine market has surpassed the car and truck industry in its use of LPG, propane, and natural gas. While these fuels have a higher octane rating, they also present special challenges. Our LPG engines are specially designed to handle the demands associated with this fuel. This is one of the many ways we ensure our engines perform at their best. Buck's attention to detail is one of the many qualities about us on which you can depend.

With customers in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, our LPG engines have performed in some of the most extreme weather conditions possible. Buck's LPG engines have passed the test, as our record of satisfied customers will prove. Buck's Engines wants to understand your LPG engine needs as well as you do. Contact Us today to begin customizing the LPG engine that is perfect for you!

At Buck's Engines, we have an LPG Engine that is ready to work for you!