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Isuzu H-Series
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The Isuzu H-Series is one of the most reliable and durable diesel engines available. The H-Series has a strong reputation in a variety of applications. The Isuzu line of quality engines, coupled with the expertise, service, and experience of Buck's Engines, is the perfect answer for your engine needs. With millions of diesel engines in service around the world, Isuzu Engines is the standard for excellence.

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Isuzu H-Series
  • 4 and 6-cylinder, water-cooled, OHC, vertical in-line, direct injection
  • Turbo-charged with charge-air-cooler
  • Ranges from 5.2 liters, 200 horsepower on the 4H series and up to 7.79 liters, 292 horse power on the 6H series
  • 12-Volt and 24-Volt models available
  • High output, low emissions, and low noise
  • Amazing reliability and durability
  • Low maintenance cost and easy upkeep
  • Isuzu-designed accessory kits available
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Isuzu H-Series Engine
4 or 6-cylinder

Available Factory Installed Options

Aplications: Irrigation | Compressor | Power Generation | Industrial | Mobile | Pump | oil & Gas | Wind Machine | Re-power
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