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Buck's Engines Has An Engine Ready To Work For You
Buck's Engines Buck's Engines specializes in the highest quality engines from the best brands in the industry- GM Powertrain and Isuzu engines. Engines built by Buck's are available in environmentally-friendly natural gas, propane and LPG, gasoline, and durable diesel fuels. We carry over 50 models ranging from 20 to 475 horsepower. Most importantly, we will tailor each engine to fit your needs.

We offer engine products to work for any of your applications, including irrigation, gas compression, oil production, industrial equipment, power generation, mobile equipment, wind machines, and re-power applications. At Buck's, our customers take the top priority. We are determined to produce quality products delivered on time, every time.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of GM Industrial Engines and Isuzu Diesel Engines, we oversee every detail that goes into our final products. The distinguishing Buck's name on every serial number plate is a one-word promise: Satisfaction. It ensures performance. It guarantees excellence. No matter what your engine need, we will strive to fill it.

Buck's has an engine ready to work for you.

Note: We do not carry any vehicle/on highway application engines. We distribute and manufacture industrial engines only!.