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General Motors Pricing Information

Home> Products> General Motors> Request Pricing Information The following is a price list for base model engines and enhancements from the General Motors product line. For more information or ordering details, please contact us today.
  3.0L 4.3L 5.7L 8.0L
Base Engine
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Base engine, intake manifold, oil pan with dip stick or oil level gauge, waterpump, flywheel, ignition system & spark plug wires

Fuel System
Natural gas carburetor
Natural gas mixer (for electronic governor throttle body)
LPG vaporizer & carb. for liquid LPG
Air filter - dry type

Ignition System
Delco electronic distributor w/ coil ignition

Exhaust System
Headers - horizontal/vertical
Cast iron manifolds
Mufflers - industrial grade

Rear Drive Group
SAE 11.5" O.C. flywheel adapt
Direct drive shield & plate
Twin disk industrial PTO (side load)
Irrigation PTO assembly w/ bell HSG

Instrument Panel
WHBB Murphy panel - 518PH tattletale, AMP meter, oil press, engine temp, start/stop buttons
Tach hour meter

Governor System
Mechanical - pierce GC 1002
Electronic governor - GAC throttle body
Electronic throttle control

Belt & Pulley Drives
Pulleys - tensioner, idler, waterpump, crankshaft, fan belt and alternator bracket

Electrical Group
Battery cables
Alternator - 42AMP 10SI
Starter - high torque

Cooling System
4 core industrial radiator w/ shroud, fan guard, core guard, pusher or puller fan
Surge tank - closed loop coolant reservoir - use w/ heat exchanger

Engine Frame
Direct drive
Irrigation PTO

Engine Enclosure
Includes instrument panel - 117 tattletale, AMP meter, oil press, engine temp., tach/HR meter, start/stop buttons/shroud, special frame, industrial powder coat paint
Pricing Disclosure: Information and price may vary by model, options and application. Price, options and product availability based upon latest information available at time of publication. To ensure our customers have access to the highest quality products and the latest technology available we reserve the right to make product improvements and changes in price, options and product availability at anytime without prior notice.

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