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General Motors Industrial Crate Engine


The General Motors' crate engine is a solid foundation for any machine, for any application. Reasonably priced and with the reputation of the number one producer of powerful engines, GM crate engines offer a superior start to any engine and repower project. Buck's Engines' partnership with GM allows us to offer to you the fully customizable GM crate engine.

A GM crate engine is a complete engine that literally comes in a crate. Each crate engine comes with the manufacturers warranty from General Motors and is surprisingly affordable. You can have confidence in your GM crate engine, which you can adapt with a variety of factory installed parts. Some of the factory installed options include:

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Each option can help Buck's Engines design the perfect General Motors crate engine for you! Need help figuring it all out? No problem; Buck's Engines can assist you with selecting and designing the ideal GM crate engine for your application.

Buck's Engines: Industry Leaders
With a unique dedication to customer service, Buck's Engines is proud to offer you both our products and our experience with each engine you purchase. We can aid in the decision or design phase of your project, assisting you with selection, modification, or possible applications of your industrial engine. We also stock parts and accessories to keep your engine running for a lifetime. Contact our team of experts today for more information on GM crate industrial engines.