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Forklift Engine

Home> Since the introduction of the forklift in the 1920's, it has become an indispensable piece of equipment in manufacturing and warehouse operations. No matter what your forklift variation or load capacity, one thing is certain: you need a forklift engine that will get the job done. A forklift engine that you can depend on is an important aspect of your industrial needs. In order to achieve business continuity, your forklift engine must be powerful, reliable, and efficient. In addition to these performance requirements, your forklift engine also needs to be affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. The search for all of these qualities in a manufacturer is over: at Buck's, we have new forklift engines for new forklifts or to re-power your existing forklift . Contact Us today to find the forklift engine that is perfect for your needs.
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Buck's Engines has the perfect engine for your forklift needs, whether you are using a hand pallet truck, towing tractor, or telescopic handler. You can customize your engine with fuel options such as LPG, gasoline, diesel or natural fuels. Backed by leaders in the industry General Motors and Isuzu, Buck's Engines is proud to offer General Motors forklift engines that are some of the toughest forklift engines in the world. Buck's forklift engines are designed to work through extreme outdoor conditions, including cold, heat, dust, and rain. We stock a variety of parts and accessories to ensure that you can get your engine back to work, fast.

From our humble beginnings in Lubbock, Texas, we have grown to deliver engines all over the world. From North America to Australia, our engines perform in some of the most challenging environments imaginable. Learn more about us and discover why our customer satisfaction rate is outstanding. With more than fifty years in business, and strong partnerships with brands you trust: General Motors and Isuzu, we are proud to deliver the powerful forklift engines you expect. Contact Us today to speak to a customer service representative.

At Buck's Engines, we have a forklift engine ready to work for you!