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Explore the applications of a Buck's oilfield Engine

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Explore the applications of a Buck's Oil & Gas Engine
General Motors 5.7L

Explore the applications of a Buck's Oil & Gas Engine
Isuzu H Series
Optimizing Your Oil Production

Ongoing oil production is essential in meeting our world's high demands for oil. As your oilfield engine performs in some of the most extreme environments imaginable, the essential components are power, efficiency, and reliability. In addition, no one understands better than you the importance of maintenance, durability, and cost. Whether you have experience with oilfield engines, or you are a beginner in your search, Buck's Engines has an oilfield engine that is perfect for your unique circumstances. Contact us to discover how we can customize an oilfield engine that will meet your specific needs.

At Buck's Engines, we want to understand your specific oilfield needs as well as you do. We have several different solutions available for your pumps, pump jacks, compressors, vapor recovery units, and more. A large variety of engine size and power guarantees our engines fit a wide range of oilfield applications. Our affordable oilfield engines are an economical choice as well, as they have low maintenance and repair costs, and a long service life. Backed by industry leaders in oilfield engines, General Motors and Isuzu, Buck's offers the right engine for your oilfield needs based on your specific circumstances and environment.

Buck's Engines Promise to Excel
Buck's Engines has been in business over fifty years, serving countries all around the world. Despite being a global powerhouse, we will never forget our humble beginnings in Lubbock, Texas. Our customers have grown to expect the power, efficiency, and reliability that we have delivered time and again. At Buck's we understand your time is important, which is why we stock a variety of parts and accessories. Customers who learn about us and our commitment to quality know that we are dedicated to offering a knowledgeable staff, ready to help you today. Contact us to experience first-hand why our record of success and customer satisfaction is always first-rate.

At Buck's Engines, we have an oilfield engine ready to work for you!