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Industrial Applications

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Providing the power for industrial equipment requires an engine that is reliable, efficient, and strong. In order to achieve industry continuity, your industrial engine must perform through the most extreme conditions in critical times of need. When choosing an industrial engine, these performance requirements must be considered along with economic factors such as maintenance, durability, and cost. At Buck’s Engines, we have an industrial engine that is perfect for your specific needs, with choices such as customizable fuel requirements, multiple tiers of power outputs, and factory installed options. Contact Us today to end your search for the perfect industrial engine.

As concern for air quality grows, you can be sure that all engines are capable of meeting current worldwide exhaust emission standards. Industrial engines surpass car and truck engines in the use of propane and natural gas. While these fuels have a higher octane rating than gasoline, they do have lower lubricity. To compensate for this, Buck’s industrial engines are specifically designed to handle the increased friction associated with these fuels’ unique requirements. You can be sure that your Buck’s engine will meet your power demands while conforming to government requirements for environmentally friendly engines. This attention to detail is one of the many qualities about us on which you can depend.

Backed by leaders in the industry, General Motors and Isuzu, Buck’s Engines offers several different solutions to your specific industrial engine needs: pumps, compressors, generators, forklifts, manlifts, and more. Our affordable industrial engines are an economic choice as well, as they have low maintenance and repair costs, and a long service life. Buck’s industrial engines are designed to work through extreme outdoor conditions, including heat, cold, rain, snow, and dust.

Buck's Engines Commitment to Your Satisfaction
With customers all over the world, our engines perform in some of the most challenging environments imaginable. Serving customers in North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, we have diverse product and technological capabilities that we combine with personalized, quality service. With over fifty years of experience and partners such as General Motors and Isuzu, Buck’s Engines has proved time and again that our engines deliver the power, efficiency, and, reliability our customers have grown to expect. Contact Us to speak to a Buck’s Engines customer service representative today.

At Buck's Engines, we have an industrial engine ready to work for you!

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